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Featuring three unique series - Perspectives in Education, How To, and Walking History - presented by Matt Douglas, longtime educator and life coach for teens and young adults.

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Curious to hear more about me and my work? I was honored to be interviewed by Wendy Vaughan for her entrepreneur-focused podcast, where we spent time exploring the work do, my journey in getting there, and some useful tips that may help you and your family immediately. Take a listen!


So You Want To Start Your Own Business?

Have you thought about starting your own business? Do you know where to start? This 9-part video series walks you through all the important questions. Have you planned out your finances? Are you providing a quality product? Are you aware of the tax and legal liabilities?
There is so much to consider before taking this exciting but risk-filled step.


Full Video Set includes:

1: So You Want To Start Your Own Business?

2: Finances
2a: Finances: My Story
3: Ensuring a Quality Product
4: Marketing Strategies
5: Housekeeping Items
6: Lifestyle Changes
7: Exit and Entrance Strategies
8: My Story




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*The content of these videos are meant for guidance purposes only and are not a guarantee of success.

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