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I can’t thank Matt enough for his help over the past few years. Taking AP classes can be really challenging but Matt is able to explain the material in a way that is easy to understand and interesting! Always look forward to learning new material with him!

-Nicole M.

Thank you so much for helping H. I know your advice and guidance will see him through!

-Jennifer G.

Life Coaching SD



With over 10 years of experience in education and mentoring for teens and young adults I provide  services to support your child through the difficult process of growing up. If your child exhibits concerning behavior, struggles socially, needs a strong male role model or guidance in their life, or if your family needs academic support, allow me to provide my services and expertise.


What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is not therapy, it is the process of working with teens and young adults to help them realize their full personal potential by setting goals and strategizing ways to best achieve them. Life Coaching can focus on a variety of topics including social challenges, healthy relationships, positive lifestyle choices, academic and career goals, life skills and much more. 

How does the process work?

My approach to Life Coaching is based on a sense of strong mutual trust between coach and client. I am always open and honest with the teens and young adults I work with and I encourage them to be completely open and honest with me. My goal is to have them see me as a mentor  they can speak to, trust and confide in. From there our work can begin as we collaboratively strategize, problem-solve and tackle the challenges they face in their daily life.


​What else do I need to know?

The process begins with a free 30 minute parent consultation to help determine the specific needs and goals you have for your child. My services focus on two main areas, coaching teens and young adults through the challenges of growing up and providing academic and educational support for clients and their families, including IEP/504 review, school placement assistance, career counseling and academic tutoring. Additionally, I offer links to specialized educational and mental health services nationwide, from neurological testing to education attorneys and treatment centers. For a more detailed description of the services offered, see the Services tab above. 

Each standard session with a teen or young adult lasts one hour and includes an additional 20 minute post-session follow-up with parents to review your child’s progress and discuss recommendations. For the best results weekly sessions are recommended, and longer individual sessions and parent follow-ups are available upon request. Video chat and phone sessions are available for clients across the globe.


School Consulting

Would your school or educational organization benefit from the expertise of an experienced mentor and educator? I offer a variety of consulting services to improve the social, emotional and behavioral makeup of your school environment.


How do I get started?

Click the Contact tab at the top of the page to send me a personal message. You can expect a response within one business day.

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The Educator Podcast:Featuring three unique series - Perspectives in Education, How To, and Walking History - presented by Matt Douglas, longtime educator and life coach for teens and young adults.

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Curious to hear more about me and my work? I was honored to be interviewed by Wendy Vaughan for her entrepreneur-focused podcast, where we spent time exploring the work I do, my journey in getting there, and some useful tips that may help you or your family immediately. Take a listen!

When Matt told me about his coaching business, I was excited, because I knew he would be great at it, and that my son could really use his help...   Matt helps him set goals and talk through how to achieve them and how to regroup when things don’t go as well as hoped. He helps him think through problems and helps keep him focused when things get cloudy. I would recommend Matt to anyone who’ll listen!

-Jane G.

We have noticed nothing but steady upward progress since Matt began mentoring our son. The transition from 8th to 9th was difficult both academically and emotionally. A friend recommended Matt to us and I’m so happy and grateful we met Matt and scheduled a meeting. Our son liked Matt immediately and began weekly sessions... His grades are up and his head is in a great place. He’s making friends and attempting to be more social... Hiring Matt has been the most successful support for our son and the family recommends him wholeheartedly!

-Brenda G.

It is never too early to get the assistance your child and family need. Initial consultations are always free of charge. I look forward to hearing from you!